Frequently Asked Questions

Single Trip plan: An overseas trip for 90 consecutive days.
Annual plan: An overseas trip for 30 consecutive days.
A single policy can give you cover if you plan to travel to more than one country during the trip
Yes. The coverage you are under is automatically extended beyond your maximum coverage period offered, if your Return Flight is rescheduled to a later date.
No. we do not cover any previous medical condition occurring within 2 Years prior to the effective date of the policy or a condition for which hospitalization or surgery was required within a five (5) year period preceding the policy effective date.
In case you seek medical attention but do not require emergency evacuation or repatriation, you will have to pay for the medication first and ask for reimbursement later.
The checklist is available when you log on to register a claim with us. Wherever required, you will be requested for any other documentation and / or information.
Although we require a proof of ownership of your belongings and is the minimum requirement, you may make a claim using warranty cards and credit card statements, which we accept as evidence of ownership.
Yes, the policy is applicable for you, but pregnancy related issues such as miscarriages, childbirth, contraceptive treatment, infertility treatment or any other complication resulting from it are not covered under the policy.
In case any of your immediate family members gets sick and requires necessary medical treatment, then your trip can be cancelled before the departure or can be curtailed midway and the loss will be covered by the policy. Please policy details for more information.
The following can be referred to as immediate family of the insured who reside in Lebanon: Legal Spouse; Legitimate children, including children legally adopted; Children-In-Law; Siblings; Parents; Parents-In Law; Grandparents.
You can make a claim if the natural disaster occurs in the destination of your planned trip, and not any nearby city.
In case the trip gets delayed, you can make a claim with a confirmation in writing from your carrier and according to the terms and conditions specified in the policy.
Yes. You will be covered for death, Total Permanent Disablement (TPD) and/or Medical treatment. Read policy wordings for detailed information.
A formal report in writing is required from the relevant authorities for applying for a claim. The responsible officers or the police must be notified within 24 hours of the theft.
The departure flight from Lebanon is covered for flight delay exceeding 4 hours however the policy does not cover missed flight connection.
Depending on the type of plan purchased, the policy having a Home Away Protection benefit will cover for any stolen material from your home up to the limit mentioned.
You will be covered for accident, though you must possess a driving license that is valid in your destination city. But the Personal Liability cover will be provided by the car-rental company and not by us.